About us

Nestled in the city of Flowers, situated at the rooftop of one of the Monal Square building, Monal Peshawar offers Indoor and Outdoor Dining with an impressive view. Monal Peshawar is the definition of a contemporary Restaurant, serving the finest Cuisines with a combination of traditional and exciting flavors from around the world.
Starting in 2022, Monal Peshawar is serving its guests the best Fine dining experiences. At Monal , we take pride in offering authentic Pakistani cuisine that is as rich and diverse as our legacy. It has been produced by the fusion of indigenous flavors with culinary heritage from Arabia, Persia, and Central Asia – as many tribes, people, and cultures blended over centuries across the valleys and plains of the Indus.
Monal Peshawar never fails to impress its customers. It is built with the most up-to-date utilities while preserving a sense of culture & authenticity.