About us

We are what we repeatably do, excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” – Will Durant (Author)
The Monal Group of Companies, since its inception in 2006, has firmly established itself as a significant market player in the restaurant and amusement park industry in Pakistan and offers the finest standard in full-service dining, coupled with breathtaking locales and ambiance, premium-grade cuisine and world class service levels. The ethos at the heart of the business strives to provide high-quality dining and entertainment experiences to the Pakistani public and in the words of the Founder & CEO, “turns moments in to lifelong memories.”This is the vision that allows the Monal Group of Companies to consistently provide the highest service standards and stand out as the benchmark in the industry. 

The flagship enterprise of the group id the Monal Restaurant at Pir Sohawa which, since its launch in 2006, has become the iconic identity of Islamabad. The restaurant, nestled in the Margalla Hills overlooking Islamabad, offers high quality cuisine and stunning views of the city that are unrivalled anywhere.

We welcome you all at our establishments and invite you to experience first-hand the premium service standards we provide that are bound to leave a lasting impression on you, your family, your colleagues and your friends.